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Al-Gharasi International Trading company distribution channel covers the country of Yemen via its main branches in the five major cities of Sana'a, Taiz, Hodeidah, and Mukalla. The distribution network extends to main agents in the remaining large cities and governorates all over Yemen. The network reaches major wholesalers in small and medium cities in the country. Direct distribution covers major cities and main roads in Yemen.


Al-Gharasi International Trading company leverages its distribution channels via its warehouses in its branches, storage locations in branches and selected locations cross the country. The Cold Storage locations allows the effective distribution of frozen and fast moving consumer products in order to assure consumer expectations and product requirements while in transit. The network includes over 250 vans and trucks that facilitate the distribution of products.

Cold Storage:

The cold store in Hodeida has over 6,000 m/tons capacity, over 2,000 m/tons capacity in Aden, over 3,000 m/tons capacity in Taiz, over 10,000 in Sana’a, and over 1,500 m/tons capacity in Mukalla. Mainly for frozen chicken and other fast moving consumer products that require such cold storage.


There are over 600 trained employees who operate in different shifts to assure effective sales functions, efficient delivery of products, target achievement, and dedicated distribution services. Our workforce have been able to build the required relationships in the fast moving products and other mix of products with the different market players to assure long lasting business relationships that can enable smooth communication, reasonable expectations, and public relations. The organization has been able to provide via its workforce high standards of business, high quality services, and excellent distribution process in a socially responsible manner.

Credit Sales:

Al-Gharasi International Trading company via its wide distribution channels, mix of products in a fast moving consumer products and over forty years of business have been able to establish credit lines with major wholesales, agents, and outlets. Such financial leverage have enables the distribution channel to capitalize on the financial stability, and an established risk mitigation strategies that maximized the entire channel.


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