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List of fish exported by United Fish Export Co. Ltd.

  Specie Scientific Name 
1 Shrimps Penaeus Indicus
2 King Fish Scomberomorus Commerson
3 Yellowfin Tuna (G+G, Lions Cubes) Thunnus Albacares
4 Emperpr (Scavenger) Lethrinus Sp.
5 Grouper (Hamour) Epinephelus
6 Red Snapper Lutjanus Coceineus
7 Sharp Tooth Snapper Pristipomides
8 Moon Fish Tlectorhynchus
9 J.B.R. (Japanese Bream) Nemipterus Japanicus
10 Baracuda Sphyraena SP.
11 Trevally Cananx Sp.
12 Sea Bream Evynnis Ehrenberji
13 Cuttle Fish Sepia Pharaonis
14 Goat Fish Parupeneus Rubescons
15 Baby Shark Mustellus Canis
16 Cat Fish Arius Thalassinus
17 Rabbit Fish Siganus Sp.
18 Sweet Lip Plectorhinchus Pictus Sp.
19 Sole Fish Makaira Indica
20 Indian Mackerel rastrelliger
21 Skip Jack Tuna Katsuwonus Pelemis
22 Squid Loligo Spp.

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