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Pepsi ColaPepsi Cola, an international drink from a global company that is known almost to everyone all over the world. People all over the global seek Pepsi once they feel thirsty. Pepsi is brand that has built a strong loyalty among the Middle Eastern population that it became a name of any soda whether it is Pepsi brand or another brand that fits the same need. Al-Gharasi Group imports it from Saudi Arabia and distribute it in the Yemeni market both in cans and bottles. It is favored by many people and consumed in high quantities. 

Pepsi Cola CansPepsi cola is another product of the mother company PepsiCo, Inc. which has recently acquired Tasali foods, Saudi Arabia's leading snack maker; acquisition expands PepsiCo's leadership in salty snacks across the middle east  company that has stared in the beverages business all over the world. It also supplies the Yemeni market with Shani Drink, Miranda, and others.


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