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Early 1992, the company was exporting frozen fish to Jordan. Then the company grew very rapidly and became a leading exporter of various kinds of frozen fish to all over the world, especially to the European Union countries.Presently, our turnover is over 20 million US dollars. 

The products exported are according to the European Union (EU) standards.Proudly we had earned a certification of quality and performance by the EU commission, under EEC No. 6. The quality of supplied products, prompt services and competitive prices offered are the main features of UFE Co. Ltd.

The company has succeed in establishing a large fish processing plant in Hodeidah, Yemen, with advanced machinery and most modern technology. The company's policy is to only supply high quality products that maintains fresh and tasty fish that can exported to all over the world.

Yemen is a rich county of fish.Our fish comes in all sizes and kinds, fresh frozen white meat fish fillets have been our specialty since last decade. We process them from fishes of the Arabian Sea and cut them into the state of art level perfect fillets. 

Our fillets line includes, Shark, Snapper, Cods, Soles, Halibut, Flounder, Tunas, and many more. They are prepared in different ways, like IQF vaccum pack, Blocks, and shatter pack or layer pack. We offer variety of choice.

Al-Gharasi Group is willing to supply sea food from Yemen to all over the world. Please contact us if interested in importing fish to your company. Our international businesses have allowed us to communicate with international companies in order to do business with. 

Al-Gharasi group can internationally deliver sea food though cargo companies that we deal with and export high quality sea food.

You may check out our list of fish exported  by scientific names clickhere

Contact Us:

Mr. Hussein Al-sakaf, Manager

United Fish Export Co. Ltd
Arabian Sea Pearl For Fish Export Co. Ltd
St. No.40, Al-Nahdain Area
Republic of Yemen
Tel : 00967 1 684527
Fax : 00967 1 240104
Mobile Number : 00967 733260206
e-mail :
E-mail : unitedfish at

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